Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas landscape presents unique opportunities and challenges across upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. Your enterprise needs to identify new assets for exploration while increasing production at existing oil and gas fields. Globalization demands that your enterprise complies with cross-border regulations and safeguards your business interests. Significantly, you should ensure the safety of your personnel and protect the environment at all times.

The Infosys Oil and Gas practice addresses emerging business challenges by aligning people with processes and driving operational excellence with technology solutions. We offer visibility across the enterprise and supply chain so that your personnel can access accurate data, collaborate, and take timely and informed decisions.

Our Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in exploration and production, pipeline management, refining and marketing, energy trading and risk management, geographic information systems, hydrocarbon accounting, and alternative energy drive superior business performance.

We partner with oil and gas companies, oilfield services providers, and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) enterprises. Our experience spans commissioning greenfield projects to transforming onshore and offshore operations at brownfield refineries.

Reaching new levels of efficiency and profitability The oil and gas industry is a challenging place to operate in the 21st century. The demand for energy and oil products keeps rising, prices fluctuate regularly, there is geo-political uncertainty, and reserves are becoming more difficult to access. In the face of these challenges, oil and gas companies are looking for ways to increase the productivity and maximise reserves, make better use of their assets, engage in strategic partnering arrangements, improve compliance, and generate more downstream profits. And, all of this needs to be done securely, safely and sustainably.

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